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Hellerstein & Associates

Hellerstein & Associates Hellerstein & Associates is a research consultancy specializing in opening up telecom and technology opportunities worldwide. We provide clients with research, analysis, strategy, & advisory consulting and provide them with solutions to meet their economic and social objectives. We do this by providing innovative, creative, and out of the box thinking of situations to help them solve their problems. Our specializations include: legislative analysis, regulatory policy, regulatory capacity building, telecom & ICT policy development, convergence, e-Government, competition law, spectrum analysis, economic modeling, cost models, licensing, market analysis, e-Government analysis and strategies, technology assessments, and regulatory impact analysis and evaluations of ICT, telecom, and technology issues.

Hellerstein & Associates has the proven experience and the ability to translate technical, complex and multifaceted issues into lay terms to help its clients achieve their goals. We have a particular expertise in uncovering hard to find information and in translating complicated issues into lay terms.

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