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Services Offered


  • ICT and E-Government Policies and Strategies
  • Telecom Policy, Legislation, and Regulation Analysis
  • Next Generation Technology Strategies
  • Internet Governance Training
  • Regulatory Capacity Building
  • Economic, Financial, and Feasibility Analysis
  • Comprehensive Training and Capacity Building for Regulators, Ministries, and Operators
  • Regulatory Impact Analysis
  • Privatization and Regulatory Reform
  • Capacity Building
  • Reform of telecom and broadcasting regulatory frameworks in transitional economies Licensing frameworks, criteria, practices
  • Spectrum management and authorization frameworks Performance Measurement, Benchmarking, and Evaluation
  • Competitive Market Analysis and Assessments
  • Market Research
  • Corporate restructurings
    Marketing Strategies and Analysis Targeted at the Customer Level, Service Level, Product Level, and/or Geographic Area
    Competitive Market Analysis and Assessments
    Industry Policy Analyses


  • Extensive Organizational, Attention to Detail, Problem Solving, Project Management Expertise
  • Strong Research, Writing, Analysis, Proposal Preparation, Editing, and Advanced Writing skills
  • 20 years experience in identifying, understanding, and shaping policy and regulatory reform issues relating to ICT Infrastructure, laws, regulation, e-Government, and Broadband build out
  • Extensive experience in reforming and developing Telecom/ICT Laws & Policy, Competition Policy, Broadband, Internet Public Policy Strategic Initiatives, e-government, and Policy Analysis
  • Extensive experience in Internet Governance, WSIS, e-Government, Trade, Net Neutrality, Digital Literacy, multistakeholder approaches to governance and other policy issues.
  • Training and Capacity Building in e-Government, Regulatory, Mobile, Policy, Leadership, Innovation & Convergence
  • Knowledge of Internet technical community, i.e., ICANN, IETF, RIRs, and its processes.
  • Experience with local, national, and International carriers
  • Expert in privatization, liberalization, and regulatory reform
  • Expert in uncovering hard to find company, industry, demographic, and regulatory information
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