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    Hellerstein & Associates' consultants have extensive experience in:

  • Drafting Digital Economy, e-commerce and e-trade Policies, Regulations, and Legislation
  • Drafting Digital Government Policies, Strategies, Regulations, and Legislation
  • Digital Transformation policies and strategies
  • Broadband, Universal Access and Connectivity solutions
  • Internet Governance and Domain Issues, advocacy, and Training
  • Development and Drafting of Digital Economy, Digital Government, and e-commerce and e-trade Legislation both primary and secondary.
  • Digital infrastructure, digital transformation policies, platforms, and digital applications/services and adaptive requirements of the enabling environment
  • National Multi-Sector Gap Assessments and Legal and Regulatory Analyses with a focus on the ICT Sector, Cyber, Data Protection, Consumer Protection, E-Commerce, E-Transactions and other services areas
  • Providing Training and Capacity Building for Regulators, Ministries, and Operators
  • Economic and Financial Analysis
  • Independent Evaluation
  • Regulatory Impact Analysis
  • Privatization and Regulatory Reform
  • Performance Measurement, Benchmarking, and Evaluation
  • Digital Economy Enabling Environment Our focus is on creating the enabling environment for a digital economy to flourish and grow and this often involves a gap analysis of various legislation that is required for a digital economy, innovation, trade, and e-commerce.

    Internet Access for All: We have designed Universal Access and Service Policies, strategies, and legislation as well as developed and written Broadband plan that help to solve connectivity issues. We work to create connectivity solutions to bring Internet Access to all regions including remote and rural regions working to help create innovative partnerships to solve intractable problems. We are committed to promoting universal access to the internet by designing universal access and service programs, conducting infrastructure audits and gap analysis as well as providing affordable access to all.

    Digital Government- H&A supports digital government and digital transformation initiatives by working closely with clients both to develop and draft digital government policies, strategies, regulations, and legislation along with various cyber related issues. We have worked closely with the ITU and their team of experts on Digital transformation. For countries that have older polices. Laws. Regulations we work closely with them to analyse demand-side issues, such as data protection, privacy, digital trade, digital signature, cybersecurity, cybercrime, consumer protection, and digital ID, and to help define a strategic direction and a clear path for the regulation and management of these demand-side issues in an effort to promote and heighten the efficiency of the digital economy in their country. We work closely and advising clients on other trade related issues, global treaties and conventions and other international fora they should engage in to help improve their policies, regulations and laws.

    Mainstreaming Digital Innovation: We provide hands-on policy, regulatory, e-trade, and training, and broadband, enabling stakeholders to identify cost drivers, competitive bottlenecks, and innovative business models to stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Our Gap analysis of legislation enables us to let clients know which laws/regulations need updating to ensure the country can become a hub and trading partner using the latest technology tools, including smart contracts.

    H&A consultants have extensive experience working collaboratively with multiple cross-functional teams in crafting policy and finding solutions to DNS, regulatory, policy, connectivity, and digital transformation problems and challenges. Our consultants are high skilled in coalition-building, driving agendas through consensus-based, multi-stakeholder processes, and working with a variety of people and different Stakeholders as well as across multiple time zones.


    • Extensive Organizational, Attention to Detail, Problem Solving, Project Management Expertise
    • Strong Research, Writing, Analysis, Proposal Preparation, Editing, and Advanced Writing skills
    • Over 30 years of experience in identifying, understanding, and shaping policy and regulatory reform issues relating to ICT Infrastructure, laws, regulation, Digital Government, connectivity solutions
    • Extensive experience in reforming and developing Telecom/ICT Laws & Policy, Competition Policy, Broadband, Internet Public Policy Strategic Initiatives, e-government, and Policy Analysis
    • Extensive experience in Internet Governance, WSIS, e-Government, Trade, Net Neutrality, Digital Literacy, multistakeholder approaches to governance and other policy issues.
    • Knowledge of Internet technical community, i.e., ICANN, IETF, RIRs, and their processes.
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