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Hellerstein & Associates

A Research and Consultancy

Summary Description of Services
  • ICT, Telecom, and E-Government Policy Analysis & Strategies
  • Telecom Policy, Legislation, and Regulation Analysis
  • Next Generation Technology Strategies
  • Regulatory Impact Analysis
  • Comprehensive Training and Capacity Building for Regulators, Ministries, and Operators
  • Privatization and Regulatory Reform
  • Capacity Building
  • Economic, Financial, and Feasibility Analysis
  • Reform of telecom and broadcasting regulatory frameworks in transitional economies Licensing frameworks, criteria, practices
  • Spectrum management and authorization frameworks
  • Performance Measurement, Benchmarking, and Evaluation
  • Municipal Operations Analysis
  • Proposal Preparation and Advanced Communications and Writing skills
  • Strong Organizational & Planning Skills
  • Strategy and Advice Consulting
  • E-Government, Policy, Strategy, and Market Assessments
  • Program Analysis & Management
  • Market and Technology Assessments
  • Research Papers and Reports with special expertise on Telecommunications, Broadband Access, Content Delivery, Network Infrastructure, and Wireless


Internet Society: Provides consulting service to the Policy Development team on Internet Governance, policy development, and with monitoring, tracking, and analysis of Internet Policy and Internet Governance issues. Developed, wrote, and analyzed the 2015 Internet Governance Report using data gained from the 2015 Internet Governance Survey.

July 2014- Brazil

- In 2014 an H&A team went down to Brazil to evaluate a series of IT and infrastructure projects for USTDA. Hellerstein & Associates reviewed and recommended the funding of five of the six feasibility studies to USTDA for the states of Rio Grade Do Sol, Tocantins, Sergipe, Para, and Santa Catarina. We then developed five ICT focused pre-feasibility studies, which included detailed terms of reference, budgets, and qualifications for consultants in these states. Our reports also analyzed the viability of ICT, broadband networks, data-centers, e-Government and Internet of Things projects for USTDA funding.

In 2015 grants have been signed with EMGETIS from the State of Sergipe and with PROCERGS in the State of Rio Grande do Sul to provide technical assistance to help the state-owned entities develop a roadmap to expand their respective broadband (Fiber & Wireless) networks and modernize their existing data centers.

Commercial Law Development Program, US Department of Commerce

Developed a two day program and recruited experts on copyright, intellectual property, Internet Freedom, Internet Governance, and cyber risk assessment for a 10 member delegation of regulators and ministry officials from Iraq who were attending the 7th Internet Governance Forum in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Infodev- Support for Broadband Competitiveness Program in Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia (Annenberg School of Communications)

Developed and wrote a diagnostic and analysis on broadband and e-Government deployment in the Western CIS countries. Developed a curriculum and conducted training of public officials and students on ICT, e-Government, leadership skills, ICT Policy and institutional development, cyber crime, spectrum policy, open access, broadband deployment and other policy issues.

Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Sierra Leone

In 2011-2013, Judith Hellerstein of H&A led a team of five consultants to:
  • Develop a series of regulatory instruments to assess the current legal and regulatory actions needed to ensure open and non-discriminatory access to cable landing and other international gateway facilities
  • Advise NATCOM on the granting of licenses, interconnection, access rules, and of declaring SALCAB as having market power
  • Advise and assist NATCOM to develop appropriate facilities leasing regulations, prepare the regulations, and consult on the regulations so as to require SALCAB to share its facilities
  • Worked as part of a team to ensure and support efforts to operationalize SALCAB, advising SALCAB on the necessary regulatory instruments (e.g. license, interconnection agreements, capacity sale/lease agreements) to enable it to effectively operate the landing station and to distribute capacity on open access terms
  • Worked closely with other consultants and financial advisors as well as the consultants working on the design and structure of SALCAB.

  • International Finance Corporation (Millennium International) Privatization of MoldTelecom

    Part of a team that provided technical assistance in 2011 to the IFC in their effort to privatize MoldTelecom.
  • Led the Legal/ Regulatory team, which provided a detailed overview of the telecommunications regulatory framework in Moldova. Identified the necessary changes to be made in an effort to privatize MoldTelecom. Performed an analysis of ANRCETI as the independent Public Body that regulates national electronic communications market.
  • Evaluated and analyzed the non-competitive practices in the sector
  • Reviewed the privatization law and preparation of legal road map to close a transaction considering different political scenarios.
  • OECS Regional Electronic Government Unit (REGU), OECS Secretariat

    Provided technical assistance to the OECS countries in 2010-2011 to harmonize their legal and regulatory frameworks for electronic transactions, trade, electronic payment, E-Filing, cybercrime, and cyber security.
  • Performed a Gap Analysis and drafted electronic transactions and digital signatures; privacy and data protection; cyber crime; cyber security; interception of communications; freedom of information laws following WTO & UNCTAD best practices;
  • Provided capacity building and training to staff in OECS countries on ICT laws and implementation.
  • Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Lao PDR

    Provided technical assistance to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MoIC) in 2010-2011 to assess the institutional, legal and regulatory framework for Technical Barriers to Trade in the Lao PDR with regard to WTO compliance and effectiveness in enabling a market economic system.
  • Strengthen rule of law, governance and investment climate through an improved regulatory framework,
  • Develop an action plan for reform and capacity building, and
  • Provide training and capacity building to agencies and institutions.

    Ministry of Post and Telecom, Government of Burkina Faso (USTDA Contract)

  • Legal and Regulatory lead to design a national fiber backbone for Burkina Faso.
  • Reviewed existing ICT regulatory framework and policies within Burkina Faso in accordance with WTO, US, and EU Best Practices
  • Prepared a detailed overview of the licensing, interconnection, and trade, competition frameworks and suggested ways of adapting these frameworks to meet the challenges of convergence and disruptive technologies and their impact on the network and recommended additional provisions to Burkina Faso's current legal/regulatory framework
  • Recommended templates to create a converged/unified/ licensing regime and suggested an appropriate model for unified licenses.
  • Reviewed best practices in licensing, convergence, and competition policies to encourage broadband build out into remote rural areas
  • Conducted interviews of various Government officials and industry stakeholders & presented initial findings to Government Ministers
  • Reviewed the existing interconnection cost models used and recommended a specific type of cost model for Burkina Faso.

  • World Bank, Global ICT Policy Division: Multi-sector Regulatory Agency Analysis.

  • Led a team of five multi-national consultants in 2008 to provide a first level assessment, analysis, & evaluation of the performance of MSRAs in Senegal, Niger, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, and the Gambia.
  • Developed and wrote a study focusing on the key impediments & barriers faced by regulatory agencies. Study focused on the effectiveness of the current regulatory & institutional model and the role of governance in the performance of the MSR.
  • Developed an updated international benchmark highlighting regional differences and lessons learned for these five countries.
  • Developed an analytical/ data/ evaluation tool for an on-site assessment
  • Responsible for planning, managing, & coordinating project; developed project schedules; provided basic support logistics for all consultants to ensure a smooth running of the project.
  • Presented results of the findings and reports to World Bank Managers
  • World Bank, Global ICT Policy Division

  • Consultant for work on telecom, trade, competition & ICT issues in post-conflict countries, focusing on impact of convergence, editing concept notes, revising policy documents, and working with Senior Government Officials.

    The National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL):

  • Led a team of five multi-national consultants in 2005 to develop and write ICT policy and strategy documents, including: detailed goals, an action plan to achieve these goals, and a regulatory framework for the sector.
  • Performed a detailed & diagnostic analysis of the telecom sector in Liberia; formulated strategies to improve competition, trade, & competitiveness, and maximized the pro-competitive contribution of public assets.
  • Recommended best practices in licensing, competition, and convergence policies to encourage broadband build out into remote rural areas.
  • Held a successful one-day workshop where the national policy issues were actively debated and discussed among Government officials, industry, other stakeholders, and donors.
  • Briefed and made presentations to high-level foreign government officials on critical technical matters
  • Responsible for planning, managing, & coordinating project; developed project schedules for the entire team; provided basic support logistics for all consultants to ensure a smooth running of the project.

  • The Ministry of Finance, Government of the Bahamas:

  • Assisted the Bahamas Telecommunications Company Limited (BTC) to re-evaluate and realign their core business segments and internal processes into a more efficient and competitive operator.
  • Developed a regulatory strategy and policy to support BTCs overall business objectives and recommended additional provisions to current legal/regulatory framework, specifically in the areas of licensing, competition, and convergence
  • Conducted a comprehensive review, analysis & assessment of the impact of IP telephony & other IP-enabled services on regulation, interconnection, universal service & telecom services.
  • Worked closely with senior government officials on ICT strategy, policy and regulatory capacity building.
  • Conducted interviews of various Government officials and industry stakeholders
  • Briefed & made presentations to high-level Bahamian government officials
  • Superintendencia General de Electricidad y Telecommunicaciones (SIGET)- El Salvador

  • Assessed the state of competition in the domestic telecom market
  • Analyzed pricing data and interconnection regimes & implemented measures to increase the regulators oversight authority over anti-competitive behavior in the market place,
  • Created & implemented a customer service and consumer protection mechanism
  • Recommended additional provisions to current legal/regulatory framework, specifically in the areas of licensing, competition, and convergence
  • Worked closely with staff to strengthen regulatory capacity & provided recommendations on the likely impact of IP & other technologies on the market.
  • Briefed & made presentations to high-level US government officials & industry stakeholders
  • Conducted a two day training seminar on Convergence for SIGET Officials; translated complex subjects into simpler more understandable concepts

  • e-Government
    USTDA Pre-Feasibility Studies/Desk Study

  • Reviewed, Analyzed, & Assessed a proposal developed by VNG to develop a Data & Cloud Computing Center in Vietnam; ensured that it met USTDA funding criteria, developed & wrote Terms of Reference, Budget, calculated export potential & development impact for project.
  • Reviewed & Assessed a proposal developed by Network Dynamics Associates to define the strategy, implementation roadmap and tender process for a state-of-the-art communications and collaboration intra-government system within the Palestinian Authority, determine if it meets USTDA funding criteria, and that the Terms of Reference and Budget are adequate for it to be successfully implemented.
  • Developed, organized, coordinated, and conducted a US orientation and training visit for 15 high-level Kyrgyz government officials. Developed three parallel tracks to offer the officials more individual and personalized training and capacity building. Coordinated the translators for each of the three tracks. Organized individual appointments for senior US Government officials who did not need translators.
  • Developed pre-feasibility studies analyzing the viability of ICT and e-Government projects in Vietnam and Brazil.
  • Translated complicated proposal and plans into simple language for senior executives
  • Assessed projects risks, its financial viability, the extent of political/ social/organizational support, potential sources of financing, the potential US exports resulting from the project, and the capability and experience of the projects sponsors.
  • Assessed, analyzed, and evaluated all alternative studies or activities for USTDA consideration; identified implementation risks and appropriate mitigation measures; and prepared terms of reference and budgets for all proposed feasibility studies
  • Vietnam: Desk Study analysis & assessment of a Data and Cloud Computing Center. USTDA approved the grant for this project following our recommendations.
    Middle East: Desk Study analysis & assessment of an ICT enterprise project in the West Bank. USTDA approved the grant for this project following our recommendations
    Kyrgyz Republic: Provided basic support logistics for all consultants to ensure a smooth running of the project. Published final report on the success of the workshops and the visit. Provided technical assistance to the Kyrgyz Republic on E-Government strategy and policy issues; Evaluated existing E-Government policies and directives; prepared strategic E-Government action plan for 2003-2008; and identified strategic partners and sources of financing;
    Vietnam: Developed four pre-feasibility studies for USTDA funding in Hanoi, Vietnam.
    The States of Rio De Janeiro and Brasilia, Government of Brazil: Led a team to develop a Broadband Fiber Network for the State of Acre, a Multi-sector Technology Park in Brasilia & an e-government study trip for Mayors of the States of Rio de Janeiro & Espirito Santo. USTDA approved grants for all three projects following our recommendations.
    The State of Minas Gerais, Government of Brazil:
    \ Led a team to develop & construct a modern data center under a public-private partnership. USTDA approved the grant for this project following our recommendations and have issued an RFP for the Study.
    The States of Sao Paulo and Ceara, Government of Brazil:
    Led a team to develop a modern data center in Ceara, Sao Paulo, & to structure public-private partnerships projects for Sao Paulo. USTDA approved the grant for these two studies based on our recommendations.

    Market Research / Analysis / Strategy Consulting
    CenturyTel & TPC Consulting:

  • Helped CenturyTel better identify and target potential customers and markets.
  • Conducted marketing and segmentation analysis for new service offerings.
  • Performed market segmentation analysis for NewPath (a former CLEC) to target markets through customer profiling and demographic analysis. Market research led directly to NewPaths receipt of venture capital funding.
  • Performed Quantitative and qualitative analysis for market study
  • Pillsbury, Winthrop Shaw Pittman:

  • Provided technical due diligence on infrastructure projects including quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  • Provided financial and market analysis on the broadband market for use as evidence in a lawsuit.
  • International Engineering Consortium: Author of two comprehensive broadband access research reports, two highly acclaimed white papers and speaker at many IEC conferences.

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